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Electricity North West Limited Case Study

Electricity North West Limited owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity distribution network in the United Kingdom. They are licensed by Ofgem to provide a service to supply companies and distribute to 2.4 million homes and businesses across the North West Region.

LSBUD Hosted Plan Response introduced to deliver the Plan Response Service for all Electricity North West’s related asset/plant enquiries

Joining LSBUD and using the Hosted Plan Response Service enables better access to critical business asset
information. The ability for the HPR service to automate the enquiry response process has seen significant
benefits. The service currently delivers over 20,000 individual requests each month to the end user. All of this is fully
automated and the response times for each enquiry are now taking just a few minutes each.

Electricity North West Case Study

“Our customers now have 24/7 instant access to details of our assets and can work safely with up to date records delivered to them in a speedy and professional manner.”

Jayne Nugent – Data Management Team Leader, Electricity North West Limited