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LinesearchBeforeUDig Member – Palm Paper Ltd

Palm Paper’s Paper Mill at their site in Kings Lynn has a working width of 10.63 metres  and is the widest, largest and most powerful newsprint machine in the world. At a speed of nearly 2,000 metres per minute it has the capacity to produce 400,000 metric tonnes of newsprint per annum.

Powering this impressive facility is a combined cycle power plant (CCGT) which is served by a high pressure gas supply pipeline. This pipeline is the asset that Palp Paper will be protecting through LSBUD.

All LSBUD Users will be alerted if their search falls within the vicinity of Palm Paper’s gas pipeline.

The LSBUD Helpdesk Team are available via email, telephone and online chat if you have any queries.

LSBUD Member Commencement Date: 31.08.2021