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LinesearchBeforeUDig Member – Welsh Power

Welsh Power has a strong established reputation within the broader UK energy sector as a market innovator.

They have been at the forefront of the transformation of the GB energy market, developing one of the largest portfolios of flexibility assets and securing long term contracts for network stability assets in all three tenders run by NGESO to date..

​With over 600MW of flexible generation under management and a series of grid stability projects in operation or construction, they play an important role in supporting a UK electricity network which is increasingly reliant on zero carbon but intermittent renewable energy sources.

LSBUD will be working with Welsh Power to protect its Synchronous Condenser Projects the first of which is in Thurso, Scotland.

LSBUD is very pleased to be collaborating with Welsh Power to raise awareness of these critical  assets, protecting them and those working around them from harm.

Find out more about Welsh Power here.