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LinesearchBeforeUDig Member – West Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council Digital Infrastructure team, working with Mid Sussex District Council are responsible for The OpenNetwork – an open access fibre network, which runs from Crawley, via Horsham, Burgess Hill, and Haywards Heath to the Brighton Digital Exchange. The Councils work in partnership with the Cooperative Network Infrastructure (CNI), a digital infrastructure cooperative that shares publicly owned open access fibre with the Telecoms sector. 

The principal aim of this network is to increase connectivity throughout the county by allowing private sector operators/partners to lease purpose-built dark fibre to provide digital services to both commercial and residential users.

LSBUD is pleased to be working with the Digital Infrastructure team at West Sussex to help protect this major network for the County:

The OpenNetwork is a strategically important network for the county and wider region. Increasing its visibility to anyone excavating/breaking ground within the county either privately or commercially is key to the resilience of digital services for business and homes.

Sarah Bazen

Digital Infrastructure Strategic Lead, West Sussex County Council

The LSBUD Helpdesk Team are available via email, telephone and online chat if you have any queries.

LSBUD Member Commencement Date: 08.12.2023

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