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LSBUD Announcement – System Update and Training Available


For those of you who are regular users of LSBUD you will know that we are always working hard to reduce the risk of deaths, injuries, damage and disruption caused by asset strikes. 

Every single LSBUD search is helping towards this goal so thank you for your help in that.  

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One of the key things we can do is to ensure that all stakeholders understand the work being undertaken as well as possible.  That is not only providing safe digging plans to our Users but also helping our Members understand the works taking place around their assets most effectively.

As an example of this, you may have noticed the recent change, where the work categories and work types available to select are now directly related to the enquiry type selected.  This is particularly relevant for emergency enquiries.

This change will help improve the accuracy of the information going through to asset owners, particularly with emergency enquiries.  When an emergency enquiry is sent, asset owners undertake additional reviews following complex risk assessments to ensure the safety of all involved.

We must all work together to avoid incorrect selections for non-genuine emergencies as this can be time consuming and distract them from life threatening emergency situations.  We are hoping that this small adjustment will help to reduce the potential risk to everyone’s safety going forward.

The accuracy of data that you submit via LSBUD really is crucial.  Each response sent by an asset owner is based on the selection made and can vary greatly based on what is provided on the enquiry form.  For example, selecting the correct work type could be the difference between receiving a ‘proceed with caution’ over a ‘stop work’ response – avoiding a mistake that could potentially put your team’s safety, and the general public, at risk. 

As the service itself is a self-serve platform, to help your teams with the above changes, as well as others that you may not be aware of, we already provide video guides, email, telephone and online chat assistance for all users.

In 2023 we would like to make this offering even better.  Free training via online sessions will now be available for anyone.  Whether you are a member of the public who has never used the service before and is unsure where to start, or part of a large organisation with a team of people who use LSBUD daily and have done for years but you have some queries or wonder if there is a better way of doing things? 

So whether you are a seasoned pro, a new starter or anything in between, we would be delighted to offer our support via various methods to suit.  If you would like to arrange a session with a member of our team please email us and we will be in touch to arrange this with you!

Best wishes, The LSBUD Team