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LSBUD Announcement – The LSBUD Service Is Changing


We are really excited to announce that there will be a new, improved version of LSBUD and it is available now! We have always been proud of the service we provide but are always looking for things we can do to improve.

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The new version of LSBUD will still provide the same great service you are used to receiving but in a more attractive, modern, easy to use way.  Introducing our latest app with an enhanced and responsive user interface that seamlessly adapts to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience regardless of the device you use.

Our new site enables you to effortlessly access all essential features while on the move, eliminating any inconvenience. Additionally, with our new API, integrating our application into your existing workflows and systems is now a breeze, simplifying your work processes further.

Some of the enhancements you will see are:

  • New Look Enquiry Confirmation Document 
    With a more streamlined appearance and accessibility to be able to download directly from the application without waiting for the email to arrive
  • User Dashboard Area
    New area for you to be able to view your LSBUD statistics in relation to the searches you submit
  • Two Step Authentication
    Making the system more secure than ever
  • Emapsite
    You can now Purchase digital mapping from the UK’s leading provider of digital mapping services and location data for professionals.
  • Centre Map On Current Location
    Allowing you to use your current location to select the search area for your enquiry, helping towards a more accurate search area

Excitingly, our updated app facilitates dedicated app development for iOS and Android devices. Stay tuned for our upcoming iOS and Android app releases.  Also still to come we are developing the service further to include What 3 Words and postcode recognition so watch this space!

The improved LSBUD system is now available and if you would like to start benefiting from it please click here to login using your existing username and password.  The existing version will still be available for a short while allowing you to choose which version to use for now but we encourage you to start using the new version as soon as possible.  You can view a user guide for the new version here which will hopefully answer any queries you may have.

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the upgraded system and you can call, email or use the online chat as normal to provide your feedback, please do get in touch with us as well if there is anything you are unsure of.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

Best wishes, The LSBUD Team