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LSBUD Announcement – The LSBUD Top-Up Service Is Now Live


LSBUD are pleased to announce the launch of a new supplementary service, The LSBUD Top-Up Service.  

LSBUD’s core service provides an initial set of responses from its members with the new Top-Up Service completing the picture by providing responses from all known network operators for any site in the UK.

Do you know what’s under your feet?  Or where to go to get the information?

With LSBUD’s Top-Up options, you don’t have to worry about it.  The new service provides a single point of access for all known utility networks.  Whether you’re a contractor, utility company, farmer or homeowner, the Top-Up Service from LSBUD is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

John Bennett, LSBUD’s Head Of New Ventures explains;

“The Top-Up Service, the first of its kind in the UK, supplements the core LSBUD enquiry to provide the most comprehensive view of the UK’s utility networks.  Currently LSBUD provides responses to around 4 million requests a year, the Top-Up Service will ensure that those requests are the most complete you can get.  This will make sure that everyone can work safely and more efficiently.” 

To find out more information you can click here.

As always the team at LSBUD are here to help so if you have any queries please get in touch here.