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The LSBUD Search API has been created to allow our higher volume Users to automate their search processes, submitting LSBUD searches as part of their job scheduling and safe dig pack creation without the need for manual input.

The LSBUD Search API provides a set of functions and procedures allowing the submitting of LSBUD searches machine2machine. The LSBUD Search API will return a list of LSBUD members who have an interest within the area of the submitted worksite. The worksite can take the form of either Well Known Text (WKT) or a centre point with radius combination.

A little developer time is required at set-up, but most systems and developers will be familiar with API calls and our existing Users have found the process straightforward. Our technical team provide all the documentation and support needed and a full test environment will be provided before the API is made live to ensure that the LSBUD Search API works as you would wish it to.

Key benefits of the LSBUD API are:

  • Automated search access to more than 150 UK asset owners.

  • Accurate search submission, directly from your own systems.

  • Guaranteed accuracy on search resubmissions – with no human error such as typing mistakes.

  • Reduced time spent manually ordering searches, enabling staff to focus on other activities.

Next Steps:

If you would like to try the LSBUD Search API please contact us at We will then provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Upon completion of this we will provide our LSBUD Search API User Guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the test environment. At this stage we will also provide our commercial proposal.


Fees for the LSBUD Search API:

Fees are charged per search placed, and will vary based on the User’s anticipated usage of the service. In the first instance this will be agreed with the User and based on the User’s use of the service in the previous year. A formal commercial proposal will be provided.

Please note that usual (manual) use of the LSBUD service will not incur any charge.