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LSBUD – User Webinars


At LSBUD, we know that our Users are as important as our Members.

Our Members are the asset owners who entrust us with their major, critical infrastructure covering a wide range of size, types, and geography throughout the UK.

Our Users are those individuals and companies who carry out search enquiries each and every day, planning projects, minimising disruption, and ensuring their workforces have the most up to date information available.

At the time of writing, we have 150+ Members and over 275,000 registered Users. Both these figures continue to grow rapidly with between 3,000-4,000 new Users registered each month.

It is a symbiotic relationship, as the more searches that are carried out on our systems, the greater our reach, and the more enhanced asset information that we can provide, the more we help to keep workers safe when carrying our excavation.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time with our Users, working alongside my colleagues, Kaz, Mel, Sam, and David to run our monthly Webinar Series and individual training sessions & one-to-ones.  As someone relatively recent to the utility sector, the feedback we receive from our Users is fascinating and I learn something new every time.

These sessions cover many of our User types, from large-scale contractors and smaller search firms to major public utilities and local authority highways. Whether the individual’s primary role is planning works, raising permits, running the hot job desk, or part of the team out in the field carrying out the excavation everyone is engaged and contributes.

It is important to us that each voice is heard and that we take note of their requirements when we make enhancements to our services. Just because we can do something which seems impressive technically, doesn’t mean that this is necessarily the right way to go. We must listen to our Users and take them with us on our journey.

To that aim we will continue to run our monthly webinars with the next sessions as follows:

User Webinar Series 2024 (2:00-2:30 pm)

25th April: Technical Q&A
31st May: Meet the Member (Cadent Gas)
28th June: How to Use LSBUD
26th July: Premium Service


These are open to anyone, and you can sign up via our website and social media or simply drop us a line to for further information. Alongside these regular sessions, we are always happy to provide tailored session for individual teams or organisations.

Our services will always remain free and open to everyone so that together we can help to ensure Safe Digging for All.