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LSBUD Welcomes Northern Gas Networks




We are extremely pleased to announce that Northern Gas Networks is now part of the LSBUD service.  Delivering gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses in the North East, North Cumbria and much of Yorkshire with over 37,000 km of pipeline this is a great step forward to an even more comprehensive search to help keep people safe when digging.

By joining LSBUD, Northern Gas Networks is not only helping to keeping people safe through collaboration with not just the rest of the major gas distribution network operators across the country but also hundreds of other asset owners including electricity, fuel, water and telecom network operators. All this through an industry  solution that has been proven to work over decades of refinement by the thousands of people involved in excavation everyday across Great Britain. 

Users will receive a plan response within minutes of a search being submitted, improving customer experience by removing a step from previous workflows.  Saving a lot of time both for all those involved in the excavation process and the Northern Gas Networks team, allowing them to prioritise works most likely to cause damage.

Iain Foster, Chief Engineer, at Northern Gas Networks, said: “We look forward to working with LSBUD and sharing our asset data to make digging safer for all. This is a brilliant additional way for us to protect our gas pipes and eliminate the risk of workers hitting a gas pipe, which as we all know can have tragic consequences. This is a big achievement for the gas sector as a whole and we are proud to be doing our part.”

The LSBUD Helpdesk Team are available via email, telephone and online chat if you have any queries.

Date Live: 19/12/2022