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Mainline Pipelines Ltd Case Study

The pipelines operated by Mainline Pipelines Limited (MLP) run at extremely high pressure and MLP is keen to ensure
that third party users can enquire where the pipelines are located to ensure the safety of their works.

Every third party undertaking excavations must know where the pipelines are and follow MLP guidance to avoid significant safety implications.

Mainline Pipelines Limited (MLP) owns and operates an underground high pressure fuel network across the UK.

MLP has been a member of LSBUD for over ten years and it forms a major part of the asset protection strategy.  Many more enquiries have been checked against MLP’s apparatus – now averaging over 250,000 enquiries a month.

Mainline Pipes Case Study

“LSBUD always ensures that the third party can plan their works in a systematic manner. This helps them work safely and minimise any costly on site problems or delays whilst also ensuring that our pipelines are protected to the highest standard”

Neil Clarke – Pipeline Land Co-ordinator – Mainline Pipelines Limited