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National Joint Utilities Group Ltd highlight next 5 years’ objectives


The National Joint Utilities Group Ltd (NJUG) is the UK’s only Trade Association representing utilities and their contractors solely on street works matters. LinesearchbeforeUdig (LSBUD) are an affiliate member of NJUG and strive to contribute to their vision of delivering the highest standards of street works with minimum disruption.

National Joint Utilities Group

NJUG strives “to create in partnership with government, authorities and stakeholders, a self-regulated environment which motivates our members to deliver the highest standards of street works at minimum cost and disruption to their customers and to the overall benefit of UK Plc.”

Its overall objectives are to identify, share and actively promote, innovation and best practice in all aspects of the delivery of street works to the benefit of their members and wider street work community.

NJUG achieves this by providing proven information and working in partnership with central and local government to ensure that the development and implementation of legislation, regulation and codes of practice are fit for purpose, consistently applied and strike an appropriate balance between cost and benefits to society.

Its key strategic objectives for the next 5 years include:

  • Working with stakeholders to develop a culture which recognises that communication, co-operation and co-ordination of street and road works between utilities and highway authorities is the best way to reduce costs, improve services and minimise disruption.
  • Taking the lead to develop a shared view on what the sector should be delivering in 10 years’ time and a roadmap of how street works should move forward.
  • Providing a focus for innovative products and practices from all sources which will help to reduce and minimise road occupation and improve quality.

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LSBUD recently became an Affiliate Member due to its vision being closely aligned with the NJUG Vision. If you would like any further information on LSBUD and the services it provides, please click here: LSBUD

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