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NYnet Case Study

NYnet has taken important steps to better protect its underground network and has seen the time it takes to respond to asset location requests drop from days to minutes thanks to LSBUD, allowing it to provide the best possible service to its community.

NYnet provides connectivity to important public sector facilities, such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and social care organisations.  It is therefore especially important that its network is protected from any threats that might take it offline.

In November 2020, NYnet was able to respond rapidly to all 234 search enquires, which came in from an array of sources, including utility companies and telecoms providers.

NYnet’s experience is a great example of an SME working closely with LSBUD to address an important issue.  


Electricity North West Case Study

“If it wasn’t for the service LSBUD provides, smaller organisations like ours would struggle to compete in a market that’s predominantly dominated by huge, national players.”

Alastair Taylor – Deputy Chief Executive, NYnet