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Portsmouth Water Case Study

Portsmouth Water has seen the visibility of its network improve ten-fold and the time it takes to respond to asset location requests drop from days to minutes thanks to LSBUD.

Portsmouth Water supplies high-quality drinking water to Portsmouth and the surrounding area, reaching a domestic population exceeding 698,000, as well as many important industries, large defence establishments and a wide range of commercial businesses.

The impact of LSBUD is clear to see, with Portsmouth Water receiving nearly double its yearly search enquiries
in 10 weeks. These numbers are even more impressive given the impact COVID-19 has had on the UK’s economy
and the construction industry, with much-reduced work taking place.

Portsmouth Water Case Studies
“We’re delighted with the way that LSBUD has transformed our whole process of managing asset data requests. We now have a faster and more reactive solution that gives utilities, developers and local authorities unrivalled access to our asset data online, whilst at the same time, protecting our intellectual property rights. Most importantly, in making our data more widely available, we are dramatically reducing the likelihood of asset strikes helping everyone to work more safely and efficiently, leaving us more time to do what we do best – managing our network on behalf of our customers.”

Mary Horsted, Network Planning & Administration Supervisor, Portsmouth Water