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SGN Case Study

SGN manages the gas distribution network (GDN) across Scotland and the south of England, providing gas to over 5.9 million people through a 74,000km gas pipeline network. Part of its responsibility to provide gas to its customers includes ensuring the safety of its asset network from accidental damage from third parties working near the pipeline.

SGN improves its asset protection through LSBUD’s safe digging plan portal

Through the automated plan response software option provided by LSBUD, SGN was able to instantly respond to over 40,000 third party mapping requests per month and since then, this has increased further to over 60,000 per month. These requests have come from utility companies, contractors, councils, consultants, developers and the general public and
represents over 16 times the number of enquiries that the team was previously receiving. 

SGN Case Study

“Since going into partnership with LSBUD, we have significantly increased the efficiency of our plant protection service. We’re now able to share safety information and asset maps in minutes instead of days. What’s more, significantly more people are accessing this information, which means thousands more individuals and companies are working more safely around our network than before.”

Tamsin Morgan – Project Lead, Safety Manager SGN