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Transport for London – Arriving Soon On Platform LSBUD



LSBUD are delighted to welcome Transport for London (TfL) – London Underground HV Cables as our latest Member due to go live in mid-September 2023.

TfL London Underground HV Cables maintain records of Cable Route Drawings for Road Duct Cables, Underground Cables and Underground Substation engineering drawings.

Although the network outlines are maintained in a Geographic Information format at 5m buffer accuracy, these are linked to over 4000 individual drawings or plans in Portable Document Format (pdf).

Membership of LSBUD ensures that any search enquiry within the buffer boundary of the TfL London Underground HV Cables holding would be informed instantly and, where affected the correct drawing(s) provided automatically via our Hosted Plan Response technology.

Membership of LSBUD will enhance the service provided to our users, widen our reach to many more enquirers than is currently the case, whilst safeguarding our assets, reducing pressure on our team and still ensure that we have full control of who has access to our drawing records.”

Sylvie Stroud, TfL/LU

LSBUD is very pleased to be working with TfL London Underground HV Cables to help protect these key assets and provide an enhanced service to anyone requiring these drawing records.

The LSBUD Helpdesk Team are available via email, telephone and online chat if you have any queries.