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USAG Utility Strike Damages Report highlights findings of utility strikes analysis across UK


Highest volume of damages were found to be low voltage cable strikes, damaged by operatives using hand tools whilst working in the footpath, representing significant safety issues for the personnel undertaking those works.

Avoiding Damage to underground & overhead utility assets

USAG (Utility Strike Avoidance Group) has published its second annual report summarising the key findings of over 2000 utility strikes across the UK during 2014 from 24 participants.

The report found significant similarities to the inaugural 2013 report.  It highlights what caused the most damages and provides scope and recommendations to:

  • Avoid future damages
  • Improve the ability to analyse the strike data in future years.

The data used within this report was gathered through a survey period following requests to USAG Members, associated CECA Members as well as other key stakeholders.

Similar reports have been produced in other parts of the world including the USA, Canada and Australia.  It has been proven that these have been instrumental in reducing the number of utility strikes, therefore it is extremely important that we learn from other nations moving forward. We are demonstrating how committed the UK is to not only improving common practice in this field, but showing a continued reduction in damages and the safety of colleagues and industry employees as a whole.

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