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Wales & West Utilities urges contractors to plan ahead before starting work


With the construction industry restarting after the Coronavirus lockdown, gas network Wales & West Utilities are urging contractors to plan ahead and ‘dial before they dig’. 

Wales & West Utilities

The stark warning comes after the restart of construction post-Coronavirus lockdown has resulted in an increase in third party damage to gas pipes across the company’s gas network.

Wales & West Utilities, which requires ten days’ notice before work to the ground can commence, is urging companies to remember some simple steps.

  • D is for Dial. Hitting a gas pipe may cause a gas leak, a fire or explosion. Before work is started, you must visit to get a copy of up to date gas plans and General Conditions and keep them with you on site. Searching for our plans is straightforward. You will be asked a few simple questions about your work, which enables us to assess the risk your work poses to our network, then plans will be returned by email within a few minutes. If you can’t do this, you can contact us directly on 029 2027 8912 or by emailing
  • I is for Investigate – it’s the only way to stay safe. Remember you can’t work on land we have rights over to maintain the gas network, without written permission. Wales & West Utilities will carry out site visits and, after our conditions have been met and working methods have been agreed, you will be able to work over our gas pipelines.
  • G is for Go ahead – but with caution. Make sure you have our up-to-date gas plans on site and use cable and pipe-locating devices. By using safe digging practices and taking every precaution to avoid damaging gas pipes and people. Third party contractors will be billed for any costs if something goes wrong.