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Western Power Distribution Case Study

Western Power Distribution is the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and Wales delivering electricity to over 7.8 million customers over a 58,900 square kilometres service area. Its network consists of 220,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables.

In the two years since becoming LinesearchbeforeUdig Members, the average volume of WPD third party enquiries rose by 40% to circa 50,000 per month with an average response time of less than 4 minutes.

Third parties have been able to work more efficiently by accessing WPD’s information through a single portal that also provides responses for over 50 other asset owners.

Western Power Distribution

“The safety of people that work in proximity to our electricity assets is of the highest importance to Western Power Distribution. The Hosted Plan Response Service allows us to rapidly deliver plans of our assets to those who need them.”

Andrew Bennett WPD Mapping Manager